19 Easy Steps to the Perfect Detailed Halloween Skull Look

Halloween Skull Makeup

19 Easy Steps to the Perfect Detailed Halloween Skull Look

Hi! I hope everyone had a good Halloween and wore something fun! This year I went on a Spirit DC “Boo” Cruise. It was a ton of fun! I was trying to figure out a costume for ever and then came up with this the day before! I got pretty lucky since I didn’t do a test run through of it. All the photos below are me going through it the first time! I hope you enjoy 19 Easy Steps to the Perfect Detailed Halloween Skull Look.I have linked products below the step pictures and also at the very bottom.
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Step One:

For Step one I started out with doing my hair first. I will be doing more tutorials on hair later! For now this is just a quick one. Before you curl your hair you want to thoroughly brush through your hair, I used a Conair Round Flat brush that you can purchase here.

Hair brush

Step Two:

  Next, I use a curling wand because my hair is very hard to keep curls. You can purchase the Tool Science Curl 3HD wand here. I find that the high heat really helps my curls last all night long along with the Aussie Mega Hair Spray I live by!

 Curling Iron

Step Three:

Let your curling iron heat up. When your ready to start curling, take about two inches wide worth of hair and curl it around the wand. I suggest going up about halfway (as shown below) when you curl, anymore and I find that it is too curly.

How to Curl Hair

Step Four:

My favorite current hair spray is Aussie Mega Hair Spray (purchase 14 oz spray can here) and my curls last all night long! I only spray at the end, but you can also spray your hair while it is on the curling wand and then spray at the end as well.

Hair Spray

Step Five:

Now comes the fun part! I used Bobby Brown Bronzing Powder in the color Golden Light 1 (here) to start the outline of my face. I created two vertical lines between my eye brows using a Bare Escentuals max coverage concealer brush (here) to sculpt out my cheek bones.

Bronzing for Skull Outline

Step Six:

To create contrast I used a Bare Escentuals Shaping Eye brush (here) with bareMinerals BrowColor auburn powder(here). I’ve been using this brush and powder to do my eyebrows since the 6th grade! It’s the perfect combo! I blended the powder along the top of my eyebrows and underneath my cheek bone lines.

Brow Powder for Skull Outline

Step Seven:

I prepped my eyes for eye-shadow using Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Minor Sin (here) color. Eye-shadow primer really makes your eye-shadow pop and shine! I always recommend using it. The eye-shadow comes with its own applicator in the tube.

Step Eight:

This is the first mac product I have bought and I am in love with it! I used the color Sweet Heat (here) and applied it all over my eye up until my eyebrows. To apply it I ended up using a Satina Beauty 33 Angled Eye Contour Brush (Similar makeup brush kit here).

Mac Eyeshadow

Step Nine:

  Another product that I use every day is the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Sundipped Kit (here). It has four amazing colors that make your face really glow!! I was really excited that I got to smother my face in it for halloween! haha. I applied the color Tourmaline above my eyebrows with a Satina Beauty Angled Contour Brush.
Anastasia Sun Dipped Pallet for Skull Makeup

Step Ten:

To really pop my face I used the color Summer from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Sundipped Kit (here) using a Satina Beauty Blush Brush. I applied it across my forehead, down to my nose, under my eyes, above my cheek bone lines, and my chin.

Anastasia Sun Dipped Pallet for Skull Makeup

Step Eleven:

To draw on my skull nose I used L’Oreal Paris The 12 hour infallible Super Slim liquid eyeliner in black(here ). I have had this eyeliner for months now and use it everyday without it running out!! Its magic and a lot cheaper then some other eyeliners out there.

Eyeliner for Skull Nose

Step Twelve:

To cover my lips I tried to use a nude lipstick that I had, but it did not turn my lips light enough. Instead I used Tarte Amazonian clay full coverage foundation in light medium beige (here ). I covered my lips. above my mouth, and my chin using Satina Beauty Foundation Brush. It worked like a charm and stayed on all night event though I drank soda and ate some appetizers! I was honestly shocked at how well my mouth makeup stayed on.

Step Thirteen:

To create the lines on my mouth I once again used bareMinerals Brow Color in auburn (here). and my favorite brush Bare Escentuals shaping eye  (here) . I drew the first line in the middle and then made 3 lines outward on both sides. As you can see the second lines out are curved a little to give more dimension.

Brow Powder for Skull Lips

Step Fifteen:

To make my eyes stand out more I used Suspect color from Naked 2 pallet (here ). I filled the crease of my eye with this color using the brush their Naked 2 Pallet eye-shadow brush.

Naked 2 Pallet for Skull Makeup

Step Sixteen:

I also used the color Busted from Naked 2 pallet (here) to go along the crease of my eye above the crease line that I had just applied.

Naked 2 for Skull Makeup

Step Seventeen:

At the corners of my eyes and below my eyes I used the color Blackheart from Naked 3 pallet (here). I pulled the line all the way to the end of my eyebrows. I also darkened my eyebrows using Blackheart.

Naked 3 Pallet for Skull Makuep

Step Eighteen:

I applied L’Oreal Paris The 12 hour infallible Super Slim liquid eyeliner in black (here) on the top of my eyes and did a small wing on the ends.

 Naked 3 Pallet for Skull Makeup

Step Twenty:

I used the color Darkside from Naked3 Pallet (here) to darken the area above my brows along the vertical lines. I also went down my nose again to outline it a little bit more.

Naked 2 Pallet for Skull Makeup

Step Twenty-One:

Lastly I applied YSL Babydoll mascara volume effect (here) in black to my eyelashes to finish off my look.

Mascara for Skull Makeup


 Products Used:

3. Aussie Mega Hair Spray 14 oz
7.bareMinerals Double-Ended Shaping Brush

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