5 Things You Should Do Saturday Instead of Sleeping In

 5 Things You Should Do Saturday Instead of Sleeping In

Chocolate Coffee Cup from Harris Teeter
Chocolate Coffee Mousse Cup from Harris Teeters

H•e•l•l•o S•a•t•u•r•d•a•y!!

One of the biggest benefits of not sleeping in on the weekend is that you don’t switch up your schedule and make it harder for yourself to function on Mondays! These are some ideas for what you should do instead!

1. Go to the Farmers Market!

Not only is it great to support your local businesses, it can save you money and you can make some new friends. What’s even better then going to the farmers market to buy healthy fresh food? Starting your own farmers market business! I have started a pet snack business recently and will be documenting my entire venture in a future post so you can start your own too!

2. Exercise

I bet you didn’t see that one coming haha. Don’t spend your time inside at the gym on the weekends! I love to get outdoors!!

3. Take a Class!

Currently I am taking an online class for web design at freecodecamp.com . They have set it up for free because in return you do a ton of nonprofit work! Which is a great feeling and you also get real world experience! There are also a ton of classes at local community colleges or hop on Groupon and find a deal for a local class as well!

4. Go to a Yardsale or Host Your Own

I love going to yardsales on the weekend! You can find some really great items and turn a lot of thing you find into DIY projects.

I have been trying to host my own yard sale for many two years now and something always comes up. This is a great way to make some extra cash and get rid of clutter in your house! If you don’t want to take the time to throw a yard sale you can always download the Craigslist App and easily list items for sale.

5. Volunteer!

Volunteering is a awesome way to give back to the community and its a great way to meet friends as well. If you have any skills that you would like to gain experience in, volunteering is an easy way to achieve that goal and add it to your resume. Volunteering is the perfect resume builder and networking activitiy. Find something you enjoy doing!

 Leave in the comments below what some of your favorite Saturday activities are!

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