Snuggle up in this Alexander Del Rossa Robe !

Alexander Del Rossa Robe

Alexander Del Rossa is a clothing company that sells men’s and women’s bathrobes, pajamas, and nightgowns. You can check out their newly launched Amazon website here.

This robe made me scream a little happy scream in my head when I was getting ready for bed. I always struggle to try and figure out something loose, comfy and most importantly easy to throw on. This robe is checks off all three of those criteria! I also want to emphasize how soft this robe is, it is beyond SOFT; think of a kitten soft. It’s also super fancy and practical with a ribbon tie on the inside as well as an outside tie. The ribbon tie on the inside helps keep it from easily flowing open and brings it to a whole new level of functional. The outside tie is made from the same fabric that the robe is made out of, cotton, and goes through two loops on each side of the robe. I love the length of the robe that comes slightly above my knees and the sleeves fall right at my wrist.

This lightweight robe is the perfect present to give someone that you have no idea what to get them! It is a little see through if you are wearing a dark color underneath of it which goes to show how light and airy it is making it perfect for lounging around the house. I can’t wait to wear this every night to bed until I wear it out and buy another one haha! You can buy this robe at the following link here. Use promo code STANWOOD to get 15% off any Alexander Del Rossa product on Amazon valid through February 14, 2018 (Valentine’s Day).

Alexander Del Rossa

Alexander Del Rossa

Alexander Del Rossa

Alexander Del Rossa

Alexander Del Rossa

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