Fascinating Diamonds: Antique Double Square Halo Diamond Ring

Fascinating Diamonds Review

Fascinating Diamonds: Antique Double Square Halo Diamond Ring Review

First of all, I am so happy to collaborate with Fascinating Diamonds on this Antique Double Square Halo Diamond Ring! Company Fascinating Diamonds gave me this Antique Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring product to try, I have not been paid and I keep my honest opinion.


About Fascinating Diamonds

Fascinating Diamonds is a Jewelers in New York, established in 2003, that sells engagement rings for Women all the way to wedding rings and fine jewelry. The company was co-founded by two close friends, Mr. Rajkumar and Mr. Salil Shah. Their concept for Fascinating Diamonds is to sell quality diamonds at affordable prices. It is noteworthy that these diamonds are conflict free and are laser inscribed with GIA certification number which guarantees its quality.  You can check Fascinating Diamonds out at their blog, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Fascinating Diamonds Antique Double Square Halo Diamond Ring

 The Silver Collection: Antique Double Square Halo Diamond Ring

This Antique Double Square Halo Ring is among around 30 other rings in the Silver Collection. Fascinating Diamonds websites states, “This ring is made from cubic zirconia stone at the center. The square engagement ring features two halos filled with long-lasting cubic zirconia along with side stones of the ring”, which leads to its’ sparkly essence. Futhermore, this ring is crafted from sterling silver and 1 Carat Total Weight, and a total number of -43 Cubic Zirconias. In addition, it also has 0.22 Carat Total Weight on the double halo and also the shank of the ring. Priced originally around $750, it is now marked down to $584. Hence, this ring is perfect for those trying to save money for other areas of the wedding or are trying to spend money on a nice honeymoon instead!

Fascinating Diamonds Antique Double Square Halo Ring

The Cutest Diamond Ring and Box Ever!

You know sometimes its the little things in life that really make your day! This tiny box with a smooth outside and velvet ring bed inside did just that when I opened it. This box gives one with the feeling of being blown away. As a customer peeks inside the box, they are welcomed with a light shining onto this beautiful diamond ring. The unwrapping experience was definitely kicked up a notch with this presentation, leaving me awe-stricken. The only way to step it up from here would be to have fireworks going off in the background when the box is opened, haha. In conclusion, this ring is super gorgeous and I can definitely see wearing this while either dressing up for work, going out on the town, hitting the mall all day with my friends.

Fascinating Diamonds Antique Double Square Halo Diamond Ring


How to Purchase

You can purchase from their website Fascinating Diamonds. Click the following for the Antique Double Square Halo Diamond Ring which is priced currently at $584. They offer free shipping in the USA, easy returns, and a one-year manufacturing warranty. Don’t forget to use code “AUGUSTINFLUENCERS10” for a 10% #discount at check out! ⠀

Antique Double Square Halo Diamond Ring

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