Aqua Kiwi Jewlery Stone Earrings Review

About Aqua Kiwi Jewelry and Accessories

 Aqua Kiwi is an online boutique who believes an outfit can be transformed with the perfect piece of jewelry. Aqua Kiwi jewelry comes at affordable prices and is up to date with the latest fashion trends. Some of Aqua Kiwi’s jewelry is hand made. Aqua currently sells woman’s accessories (currently including makeup bags), bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

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Initial thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised when I got two boxes when I was only expecting one. After reading the note, and of course taking a quick photo, I tore into the teal blue tissue paper to see what I recieved! I immediately noticed that the jewelry was in a tiny teal jewelry box, before I had recieved it in nicely wrapped cute paper. The tiny boxes are a great addition and make storing my new jewelry easy!

Sparkle Earrings

I love these earrings! They remind me of Kendra Scott Earrings that are along the lines of $50! What an absolute steal. These are the perfect earrings or day time wear or for going out dressed up for an evening partying! I use to be the worst at losing jewelry all the time after a night out, especially earrings so these are a great way to have a fun time and not have to worry!

Bird Necklace

My favorite item so far from Aqua Kiwi has been this bird necklace! Its similar to this one from paper source here except this necklace is $27 and the one I’m wearing is only $11 and on sale for $10 right now! That’s more than half off! The only bad thing I have to say is that you have to be very careful with this necklace to not tarnish it! I made the mistake by wearing it in the shower. I would also not suggest wearing this necklace while you workout.

Conclusion of Aqua Kiwi

This is the second time I have done a review for Aqua Kiwi because I loved working with them and their affordable products!

How to Purchase

Text goes here !! The best part is that they are currently offering FREE SHIPPING for a limited time only! To purchase visit their website here.

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Aqua Kiwi Jewlery

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