DIY: Create Your Own Gold Glitter Word Cut Out Decoration

Word Cut Out Glitter Decoration DIY

Spring Gold Glitter Decoration!

Spring is almost here so I decided to get a little decorative! This is a very simple diy project and only requires one night to put together. My friends and I couldn’t stop looking at it because it was so sparkly with gold glitter! This Spring sign is from Target. However since it does not appear on Target’s website I have linked a similar cut out word that is just as cute and says Love. You will need the following supplies.


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Spring Word Cut Out Decoration

Step One

The first step is to color or prime the entire sign with gold sharpie. I did this because I did not want to be able to see the green underneath the glitter. The second time around I would definitely use gold spray paint instead because it was hard to get in between the nooks and holes with the gold sharpie where the gold spray paint would easily cover.

Gold Sharpie Word Cut Out Decoration

Step Two

After priming the entire sign with gold sharpie or gold spray paint, you will want to use Mod Podge as an adhesive for the glitter. I find that Mod Podge helps most of the glitter stick to the sign and precents a lot of it falling off. I used an old makeup brush to put the Mod Podge on the sign.

Spring Gold Sharpie Word Cut Out Decoration

Step Three

Before I started to gold glitter my sign, I put the sign on a big plate so that I would not get it all over my counter tops and it would be easier to clean up afterwards. This really helped contain the gold glitter to my work area. Next, I poured gold glitter over the entire front and let it dry for about twenty minutes. Then I repeated step two with the other three sides allowing it to dry in between glittering each side. TIP: You will want to shake off the excess and reapply Mod Podge in areas that are not fully covered in gold glitter.

DIY Word Cut Out Gold Glitter Decoration


This project cost around $12.58. This is an awesome deal compared to similar signs at Francesca’s that are not as sparkly and are sold for nearly $16 full price as shown here.

Leave in the comments below what word you would cover in glitter and why! 

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