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Hello! Welcome to my Blog

Hi! I’m Kit Stanwood

I’m a JMU graduate who studied Business Management of Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Computer Information Systems. I love designing , building websites, and blogging. I’m currently a Project System Manager and have been working on a variety of government projects from the clearance system to AWS Infrastructure for the health care website. I have two wonderful, supportive, and loving parents who will be really surprised to see they were named in my blog before our puppy Mini Muffin!

Mini Muffin

Woof, Woof, Woof! I’m a playful Yorkie-Poo (Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle Mix) who likes to steal (only the color white) socks, making grandpa feed me pupcorn, and licking grandma’s face. I puppy sit my cousin Baby Thomas (Kit’s nephew) on the weekends and play fetch with my Mommy Kit. Woof!

About My Blog

 I started this blog September 9th 2016. I write about Fashion and give tips on how to wear certain styles. Fitness is a super important aspect of my life and I want it to be apart of yours too! Beauty is my favorite topic to talk about after fitness. The Décor of my apartment is minimalist, bright, and organized! My Lifestyle is exciting, peaceful, and active! Lifestyle. This blog is a “live document” in which it will continuously have updated posts. This allows my blog to be the easy to read, very detailed, and having the most recent information.

Mission Statement

 I connect with people who share my interest of fashion, fitness, beauty and a luxery minimalist lifestyle. My hopes and dreams for this blog is to share knowledge, inspire creativity,  share my lifestyle and motivate others to adapt healthy life habits.

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