JORD Wood Watches Series Dark Sandalwood

JORD Dark Sandalwood Watch Review

My Second Collaboration with JORD

I loved my first JORD wood watch so much that I excitingly accepted another collaboration with JORD ordering the Dark Sandalwood Watch this time. My first watch was the Frankie 35! Currently, my mom is sporting the Frankie 35 watch for me! JORD has been a fantastic company to work with. I look forward to supporting them in the future and seeing them grow.

JORD Dark Sandalwood Watch

About Jord and The Jord Dark Sandalwood Watch

Jord is a watch company that sells a variety of unique men and women’s wooden timepieces. I love their packaging for their watches! The packaging comes with a wooden humidor box and pillow to put your watch to bed on, as you can see below. The last box I got was a darker stain as you can see in this blog post here. You can also read more about how to take care of your watch in my first JORD blog post. It’s suggested that you oil your wooden watch so that the wood does not crack. This watch came pretty moisturized in my opinion so I will be waiting a few months before I oil it. JORD currently offers the following luxury woods:

To learn more about JORD go to their website here, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

JORD Dark Sandalwood Watch

My Journey with my JORD Dark Sandalwood Watch

I love that my watch matches with any outfit that I come up with! Being so versatile allows me to wear it casually, for work, or special events! I always get compliments on my watch and every time the other person wants me to take it off so they can look at it closely and feel the wood texture (haha)! I’m excited to wear my new watch to my new job! I start as an Agile Business Systems Analyst on Monday, so this watch will be perfect to make my first impression at work. I’ll make sure to do a little update below so make sure to check back into this blog post to see what people said on my first day of work about my wooden watch! I’m hoping to score at least 5 compliments. I also feel that this watch is a perfect way to get noticed in an interview! It’s helpful to stand out from the rest of the crowd and this watch is definitely the perfect statement piece to do just that!

*Update on compliments on the first day of work : (coming soon)

JORD Dark Sandalwood Watch

How to Purchase

To purchase a JORD Wood watch please visit through my referral link and comment below on this blog post which unique wooden watch(es) you purchased!!:

JORD Dark Sandalwood Watch

Luxury Wooden Watch

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