5 Things You Should Do Saturday Instead of Sleeping In

 5 Things You Should Do Saturday Instead of Sleeping In

Chocolate Coffee Cup from Harris Teeter
Chocolate Coffee Mousse Cup from Harris Teeters

H•e•l•l•o S•a•t•u•r•d•a•y!!

One of the biggest benefits of not sleeping in on the weekend is that you don’t switch up your schedule and make it harder for yourself to function on Mondays! These are some ideas for what you should do instead!

1. Go to the Farmers Market!

Not only is it great to support your local businesses, it can save you money and you can make some new friends. What’s even better then going to the farmers market to buy healthy fresh food? Starting your own farmers market business! I have started a pet snack business recently and will be documenting my entire venture in a future post so you can start your own too!

2. Exercise

I bet you didn’t see that one coming haha. Don’t spend your time inside at the gym on the weekends! I love to get outdoors!!

3. Take a Class!

Currently I am taking an online class for web design at freecodecamp.com . They have set it up for free because in return you do a ton of nonprofit work! Which is a great feeling and you also get real world experience! There are also a ton of classes at local community colleges or hop on Groupon and find a deal for a local class as well!

4. Go to a Yardsale or Host Your Own

I love going to yardsales on the weekend! You can find some really great items and turn a lot of thing you find into DIY projects.

I have been trying to host my own yard sale for many two years now and something always comes up. This is a great way to make some extra cash and get rid of clutter in your house! If you don’t want to take the time to throw a yard sale you can always download the Craigslist App and easily list items for sale.

5. Volunteer!

Volunteering is a awesome way to give back to the community and its a great way to meet friends as well. If you have any skills that you would like to gain experience in, volunteering is an easy way to achieve that goal and add it to your resume. Volunteering is the perfect resume builder and networking activitiy. Find something you enjoy doing!

 Leave in the comments below what some of your favorite Saturday activities are!

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The Beauty of Planks : Powerful Results with Little Space Needed

 The Beauty of Planks : Powerful Results with Little Space Needed

Today I wanna talk about planks and why they are so wonderful!
Let’s start off with naming 25 different kinds of planks, benefits, and tips! There are a ton! My suggestion in ramping up your fitness game is to use the following plank techniques with a 30 day challenge that increases the time per day (most of the 30 day challenges I have seen increase by 5 seconds per day). You could mix up the different techniques or chose one exercise per month to complete!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided. You will never see me post a link to a product or service that I don’t use myself or truly love!

Types of Planks

1. Full (standard) plank
2. Side plank
3. Reverse plank
4. Plank with stability ball
5. Rotation plank
6. Elbow plank
7. Raised leg plank
8. Side plank with toe touch
9. Side to side plank
10. Plank to downward dog
11. Reverse plank with leg raise
12. Plank to pike
13. Side plank with hip dip
14. Rocking plank
15. Knee plank
16. Plank with shoulder touches
17. Single arm plank
18. Single leg plank
19. Side plank crunches
20. Plank jacks
21. Side plank with oblique twists
22. Plank with oblique knee tuck
23. Scorpion plank
24. Bird dog plank
25. Plank climbers


1. Stronger core
2. Reduced back pain
3. Increase flexibility
4. Increase metabolism and burn fat
5. Better posture

Tips for Form

1. Keep your body in a straight line
2. Advoiding sagging or hiking your hips
3. Breathe!!
4. Look a few inches in front of you
5. Rest weight on toes and forearms
 Let me know what some of your favorite planks are in the comments below!


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How to Make a Luxurious, Elegant, and Beautiful Bed

How to Make a Luxurious Elegant Bed

How to Make a Luxurious, Elegant, and Beautiful Bed

Today I would like to talk about making an elegant bed! I have never made my bed everyday until this bed set! I fall in love with it more and more everyday. Its so comfy, soft and gorgeous.
Note: This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided. You will never see me post a link to a product or service that I don’t use myself or truly love!

Step One

Choose whether or not to have a valence, its just a added little style or an easy way to cover up your bottom bedframe.After you decide to add a valence or not the next step is to put the fitted sheet on the bed. To minimize wrinkles I threw all of my sheets in the dryer. I bought all of my furniture at Beltfort and have linked (affiliate links are in this post) it as well.

Donna Karan Home Reflection Ivory Queen Fitted Sheet

Shop here:
Cosmo Dresser Mirror (not pictured) On Sale!!
Donna Karan Collection Fitted Sheet (Champagne Ivory)

Step Two

Put the flat sheet on. With this bed set as you can see in the below image it has three design lines. I made sure to put that side facing down so when I folded it over you can see the detail.

Donna Karan Collection Flat Sheet (Champagne Ivory)

Donna Karan Collection Flat Sheet (Champagne Ivory)

Shop here:
Donna Karan Collection Flat Sheet (Champagne Ivory)

Step Three

Add a blanket to your bed. The one I bought feels like velvet.
Donna Karan Silk Quilt Collection

Step Four

I added two Euro Sham style pillows. One pillow case matches my blanket, and the other pillow case matches my comforter that you will see in the next steps.
Donna Karan Rtythm Ivory Euro Sham

Shop here:
Donna Karan Rtythm Ivory Euro Sham

Step Five

I added two standard pillows which is what I choose to sleep on at night if I decide to sleep with a pillow ( i’m weird and don’t use one sometimes 🙂 haha )

Shop here:

Donna Karan Collection Standard Pillowcases

Step Six

Next I added two standard shaped pillows in the fabric of my blanket and of my duvet cover.

Donna Karan Home Reflection Ivory Standard/Queen Sham
Shop here:
Donna Karan Rhythm Ivory Standard Sham

Step Seven

 I bought a comforter to go inside of my Duvet cover. It just slips in and then I buttoned the side up. I really love having the buttons on the side versus the sides folding in or zippering up because if a button falls off I can just sew it back on compared to a broken zipper or falling out comforter when it is being kept in by folded material

Donna Karan Duvet Cover
Shop here:

Donna Karan Duvet Cover

Step Eight

Lastly I added three decorative pillows that matched my set. I also plan on buying a wooden tray with 3 decorations to lay on top of my bed for added ambiance.

Flokati Fur Decorative Pillow
Sequin Printed Decorative Pillow
Shop here:
Sequin Printed Decorative Pillow
Flokati Fur Decorative Pillow
Abstract Beaded Decorative Pillow

Goodnight and sleep comfy in your Beautifully made Bed!

Donna Karan Bed Set

Leave in the comments below what color bed you have and what your favorite pillow looks like!

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4 Quick Steps to Style a Blanket Scarf to Keep You Warm and Stylish

4 Quick Steps to Style a Blanket Scarf to Keep You Warm and Stylish4 Quick Steps to Style a Blanket Scarf to Keep You Warm and Stylish

This is one of the easiest 4 step blanket styling tutorials with gorgeous results! this is my favorite way of many to style a blanket scarf because it shows off the whole scarf and hangs simple yet elegantly. The results change a whole outfit and bumps it up to the next level. I’ve seen so many how to style blanket scarfs posts so I wasn’t originally going to do it it I had a friend who said she didn’t know how to tie a blanket scarf so it just goes to show you should spread your knowledge and not assume everyone knows it already! I will explain how to tie a blanket scarf in three simple steps!! It only takes 30 seconds!
Note: This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided. You will never see me post a link to a product or service that I don’t use myself or truly love!

Step 1:

Open your scarf fully so that it is either a square or rectangle.

Step 2:

Take two opposite sides and fold the blanket scarf in half so that it is now a triangle.

Step 3:

Hold the triangle in front of you holding two corners and one corner pointing to the floor.

Step 4:

Put the corners your holding over your corresponding shoulder and wrap it behind your neck and pull it in front of you.
I styled this scarf with a Shop the Mint slouchy! I’m in love with these tops. Make sure to check out their site here ! The above blanket scarf is from Francesca’s and currently out of stock but I have linked a very similar cute plaid scarf!

4 Quick Steps to Style a Blanket Scarf to Keep You Warm and Stylish

Shop the post :


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Energizing and Fat Burning Pre Workout Powder Indepth Review

Performix SST Suspension Super Thermogenic Pre Workout Powder

Performix SST Suspension Super Thermogenic Pre workout Powder

If you have never used pre workout powder then I’m really exited to be able to tell you all about it!! As you get further into your fitness journey you will find yourself learning: the names of different exercises, buying more and more fitness clothing, lifting gloves, acquiring equipment, researching nutrition for pre workout snacks along with post workout snacks, supplements, and pre workouts!! First, I will explain a little bit about pre workout in general. Then I will dive into the ingredients of this particular pre workout and in addition explain how the ingredients benefit you.

What does pre workout do and how much do I take?

Pre workout helps to wake your body up and give you an extra punch to your workout due to boosting body energy, metabolize fat, and enhances mental focus. Therefore users will lift heavier and train harder with pre workout. The serving size is 3 scoops(7g) but I highly recommend starting off with only half a scoop first because it is very powerful due to the amount of caffeine and other ingredients. Also, I start out with half a scoop for about three weeks, 1 scoop after that and continue to raise it by half a scoop as I feel I need it. It comes in a NET WT. 7.4 OZ (210g) container that includes 30 servings.  1 scoop is 67mg, 2 scoops is 113mg, and 3 scoops is 200mg.

So, What’s in it and what do those vitamins do?


Calculations in the following supplements are based on serving size of 3 scoops(7g)

Calories: 15

 Calories are a unit of energy. Specifically the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water through 1 °C (now usually defined as 4.1868 joules). Therefore it’s basically a way of describing how much energy your body could get from consuming it.
Calories from Fat: 5
Calories in food are created from a combination of from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.  A gram of carbohydrate and protein both have the same amount of 4 calories.  A gram of fat, contains 9 calories.
Total Carbohydrate: 3g 
Total carbohydrates are created from multiple nutrients, including dietary fiber, sugars and starches. Hence this makes carbohydrate critical to energy intake.
Niacin(as Nicotinic Acid): 10mg 
Niacin is a form of B vitamins. B vitamins produce energy for the body by burning food/carbohydrates into fuel/glucose.

Vitamin B-12 (as Methylcobalamin): 1,000mcg
Vitamin B12 helps the body make red blood cells. So if you have a Vitamin B12 deficiency you might feel weak, feel less energized, and think slower.

Calcium: 98mg
 Calcium helps build strong bones and protect your teeth.

Sodium: 115mg
When sodium levels and osmolality (concentration of chemical particles in the fluid part of blood) fall, the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland release antidiuretic hormones when the osmoreceptors in the hypothalamus are stimulated.  Antidiuretic hormones helps absorption of water in the kidneys so that water is conserved while sodium and other electrolytes are excreted in the urine. On the other spectrum if sodium levels and osmolality rise, the hypothalamus thirst center neurons relates a message to you to drink water in order to restore osmolality.

Potassium: 310 mg
Potassium is a mineral and electrolyte that helps regulate blood pressure, normal water balance, muscle contractions, nerve impulses, digestion, heart rhythm, pH balance (acidity and alkalinity) which as a result prevents fatigue,
muscle spasms, weakness, cramping, irregular heartbeat,
constipation, nausea, and also vomiting.

“Performixx Suspension Super Thermo Complex”

Choline Biartrate: 
Fat molecules called phospholipids contain Choline. In these, choline is linked to a phospholipid called phosphatidic acid or more commonly known as lecithin. They help transport fat and cholesterol from the liver to other parts of the body. Choline is also important for improving memory and muscle control by producing neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Furthermore,  Benefits of Choline bitartrate include enhance athletic performance, reduce cholesterol levels, protect the liver from alcohol-related damage, lower blood pressure, and control mood swings.
Caffeine Anhydrous:
Caffeine is a stimulant of the nervous system. Anhydrous caffeine is simply dehydrated caffeine, hence meaning it does not contain water and is easier to put into pill form.
Sensoril Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) Extract(root/leaf)[std. to 8% Withanolides and 32% Oligosaccharides]:
Ashwagandha extract improves energy while supporting brain and nervous system function by regenerating axon and dendrites.
Synephrine HCl:
Also known as “bitter orange”, Synephrine HCl is a fat burner.
Huperzine A (Huperzia serrata) Extract(whole plant) 1%:
Huperzine A, while extracted from the Chinese club moss plant, helps acetylcholinesterase inhibitor increase memory formation levels of in neurotransmitters.

3’5′-Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate [98% cAMP]:
cAMP helps to transfer cells through the plasma membrane to receive the effects of hormones like glucagon and adrenaline.
Bioperine Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) Extract (fruit) (std. to 95% Piperine):
Black Pepper, which comes from the dried Piper Nigrum plant, helps absorb nutrients and furthermore boosts metabolism. Benefits include helping to prevent joint pain, fatigue and in severe cases its deficiency can consequently cause a stroke. Bioperine enhances the body natural thermogenesis process which is a main factor of maintaining weight loss.

Yohimbine HCl:
Yohimbine, extracted from the Yohimbine tree bark, helps athletic performance, weight loss, exhaustion, chest pain, high blood pressure, low blood pressure that occurs when standing up, diabetic nerve pain, and for depression along with certain other medications.

Oleoylethanolamide Powder (std. to 15% to Oleoylethanolamide):
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha agonist that is a naturally occurring ethanolamide lipid that regulates feeding and body weight. 

“Disffusion Carrier Compound”

Medium Chain Triglycerides (Palm Kernal Blend):
Medium Chain Triglycerides (MTCs) artificially made fats used for nutrient absorption, burning fat, and also building lean muscle mass.
Safflower Oil Blend(std. to 60% Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)):
CLA works with the body to manage a healthy weight, blood sugar level, and lean body mass. It also promotes cardiovascular and immune system health and encourages healthy lipid profiles as well as body composition by reducing body fat. In Addition ,  CLA helps fight high cholesterol, triglycerides, and Osteoporosis.

Other ingredients: 

Citric acid:
As part of this supplement, Citric acid are classified as a processing aid and so it is used as such.
Natural and Artificial flavors:
The main difference between artificial and natural flavoring is the origin where natural is from natural editable ingredients while artificial is from chemical non editable ingredients. Natural flavor is defined as a combination of ingredients such as plants and oils that do not provide nutritional value.
Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that helps to sweeten flavor while not adding calories.
Glucose Polymers:
Glucose Polymers are simple sugars that are an additive to other products to provide an energy boost.
Sucralose is another non caloric sweetener. Sweeteners that do not contain calories are not broken down by the body.
Acesulfame Potassium:
Acesulfame Potassium also known as acesulfame is a nom caloric sweetener that is claimed to be 200 times sweeter than table sugar.
Silicon Dioxide: 
When added and used in supplements this additive prevents ingredients from sticking together by absorbing excess moisture, in this case helping the powder to not clump. Most noteworthy, Consumers should not take out the silicon packets, included in the container, because the powder may clump.
Sodium Caseinate: 
Sodium Caseinate is a protein found in mammals milk and is used as a food additive for industrial purposes such as product consistency, flavoring and nutrient.
FD&C blue lake #1:
FD&C blue lake #1 is a disodium salt made from a coal tar derivative that helps to color food. Also , when mixed with yellow it can produce green tint.
FD&C Blue #1:
FDA has approved FD&C Blue #1 water soluble coloring dye so it can be added to foods.


Milk. Produced in a factory that may also process ingredients containing egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans.

Where can you buy it? 

Customers can buy it for $36.96 on Amazon and from experience it lasts around 5 months taking as much as 1-2 scoops a day. Amazon has it for less then most other retail sellers.

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The Power in Never Missing a Monday Workout!?

The Power in Never Missing a Monday WorkoutThe Power in Never Missing a Monday Workout!?

 Have you ever heard the phrase “Never miss a Monday workout!” ? It’s more than just a motivating quote. It can set the tone for the whole week and your more likely to workout again on Tuesday-Friday! I’m going to share with you all my weekly routine. Its important to workout a different every muscle group everyday so that you don’t overwork one area and become injured.

Example Weekly Workout Schedule

Monday: Arms
Tuesday: Back and Shoulders
Wednesday: abs and cardio
 Thursday: Booty, booty, booty
Friday: Leg day! yes you have to haha and dont forget your calves
Saturday : Cardio or Yoga
Sunday : Rest or Stretching Yoga

Top Reasons to Not Miss a Monday Workout

1. Your more likely to workout the whole week if you start Monday
2. Wearing yourself out leads to better sleeping patterns
3. Exercise lowers anxiety
4. Exercise lowers depression
5. Working out helps boost energy levels
 I love working out in just a sports bra but I would never go into a gym and do it which is another great reason to start your own gym in your house ! So you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. I find that it helps me stay motivated when I can either see muscle growing or I can tell if I’ve been slacking. I plan to start creating some workout videos to put out on Mondays!
The Power in Never Missing a Monday Workout

Nike Pro Sports Bra// Nike Training Gloves// Nike Thermal Running Pants// Nike Running Shoes


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How Sunday Prep for Monday is valuable to your Career

How Sunday Prep is valuable to your Career

How Sunday Prep for Monday is valuable to your Career

Note: This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided. You will never see me post a link to a product or service that I don’t use myself or truly love!

There are a lot of small habits you can start doing on Sunday to prepare for work on Monday and make yourself look more professional and save you time during the week.

Pick out Your Work Outfit the Night Before

If your not a morning person like me, then it helps to plan out what your going to wear the next day. The saying “Dress for the job you want” and “Dress to impress” are note worthy advice to remember. It’s important to plan in order to succeed with anything that you do, but especially when it comes to dressing for your job. If you look professional at work not only will people notice you, but they will take you more seriously. You also never know who you are going to meet during your lunch break too whether it is the CEO, a potential new hiring company, or future husband.

Have a Binder Ready to Take Notes

I’m always impressed when people have a professional binder to take notes, keep business cards, or resumes. I bought my leather Resume/Note carrier at my college JMU’s bookstore. I highly recommend purchasing one and bringing it to interviews and to work for conference meetings, you will really impress your interviewer or boss.

Gathering your Work Equipment

Its a great idea also helps you get together important things such as where your keys are and a huge one for me, my badge to get into the office! Forgetting that causes a hassle for the whole day to get in and out of the building.

Meal Prep on Sunday

Meal Prepping on Sunday is a great way to save yourself time and energy throughout the week. Having a good diet allows you to concentrate on the things that matter instead of being hungry. Eating healthy can help you feel better and perform better at your job when your brain has the necessary nutrients. Meal Prepping will also save money and is kind to your waist line.

Business Notebook JMU

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All You Need to Know for Starting a Home Gym Right Now

How to Start an Apartment or Home Gym

Home Gym      

Today I want to share how and why I started my own home gym. Plus, I will list five reasons why you should too! After spending many years of expensive gym memberships and locked in contracts I decided I was finally going to start my own gym because it would allow me to save money, fit my schedule, be in my home, be the best investment I can make, and of course health reasons!
Note: This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided. You will never see me post a link to a product or service that I don’t use myself or truly love!
Home Gym

How to get a Home Gym for FREE

Yes, you read that correctly, for free! If you have a little (maybe a lot) of patience and are old enough to sign up for a Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card you can get all your equipment for free from their Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card Scores Points! It will take about two or less years depending on how much you use your credit card. I put everything on it from groceries, gas, and you can even put bills (utilities, Netflix, etc) on your card which I suggest you pay off right away. Earn one point for every dollar spent. 300 points = $10. You will need Below I have broken down what you will need for your basic home gym. All of the following prices are based off of Dicks Sporting Goods products.


(2) 5lb at $5.49 each = $11.98

(2) 10lb at $10.99 each = $21.98

(2) 15lb at $16.39 each =$32.78

(2) 20lb at $21.79 each = $43.58

(2) 25lb at $27.29 each = $54.58

(2) 30lb at $32.69 each = $65.38

(3) 35lb at $38.19 each = $76.38

Total for Dumbbells: $306.66

Total money spent/Points Needed:  9,300


(4) 2.5lb at $2.99 each = $11.96

(4) 5lb at $5.49 each = $21.96

(2) 10lb at $10.99 each = $21.98

(2) 25lb at $27.29 each = $54.58

(2) 45lb at $48.99 each = $97.98

Total for plates: $208.46

total money spent/points needed: 6,300


(1) 15lb at $29.99 each = $29.99

(1) 25lb at $44.99 each = $49.99

(1) 35lb at $79.99 each = $79.99

(1) 45lb at $89.99 each = $89.99

total for kettlebells: $249.96

total money spent/points needed: 7,500


(1) Barbell at $79.99 each = $79.99

(1) Barbell Pad at $14.99 each = $14.99

(1) Curl bar at $62.99 each = $62.99

total for bars: $157.97

total money spent/points needed: 4,800


(2) Yoga mats at $21.99 each = $43.98

total for mats: $43.98

total money spent/points needed: 1500

Stability Balls(sizes vary on your height):

(1) 55′ inch ball at $24.99 each = $24.99

total for stability balls: $24.99

total money spent/points needed: 650


(1) Bench at $179.99 each = $179.99

total for equipment: $179.99

total money spent/points needed: 5400


Total Cost: $0

Total Savings: $1,172.01

Total points: 35,450

Total Spent on Credit Card: $35,450

This would be about the equivalent of you putting a car your credit card. However since your credit line may vary from $1,000 to $8,000 or more, you can see how it could take you a while to get all of this equipment. Even if you put $5,000 on your card per year for groceries and gas you could get this home gym in about 6 years. Getting it in intervals has its pros in the sense that you will get re-motivated every time you get a new piece to your gym.


Reasons to start a Home Gym

1. Saving Money

In the long run you will save an enormous amount of  money by buying your own equipment. In the beginning it may seem like a lot to invest but that will turn into long term savings of monthly and/or yearly fees that you won’t have spent on gym memberships since you were smart and invested in your own gym! You will also save money by not having to drive to the gym, hidden gym, joining fees, and cancellation fees. Your whole family can enjoy your home gym which cuts down individual gym fees or family gym plan fees!

2. 24/7 Availability

Whether your a morning person, midday, or night exerciser you’ll never have an excuse to miss a workout, even if it’s for 10-15 minutes. Your more likely to workout when there is bad weather because you will not have to drive in the rain or snow.

3. Doesn’t have to take up a lot of space!

Starting a gym in your house does not have to take up a lot of space if you do not want it to. I was excited to find this weight rack that has three levels for storage of dumbbells, kettle-bells, weight plates and even medicine balls because it stored so much in such little space. Its perfect for small apartments and can fit into any bedroom.

4. Easy to afford / Great Investment!

Biggest tip for people who say they don’t have the money: BUY PIECE BY PIECE
I have been buying weights piece by piece, so there has been no excuse for me that it is too expensive when I buy as I can. It’s great if you can buy everything all at once and save money that way, but I find it easier for me to by piece by piece. Its motivating as well to keep getting a new piece of equipment from time to time to keep my exercises new and interesting. Some things that I have put into my gym space that are not pictured : fan, mirrors (I got these off of Craigslist for free), and resistant bands. Another way to afford a home gym is to put all the money you were going to spend on a gym membership towards equipment!

5. Health Lifestyle!

Exercise helps you fight off a ton of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and the list goes on. Having a healthy lifestyle will help you save money on hospital bills and prescriptions from small cold antibiotics to more serious medicines. Exercise delivers endorphins to your brain and boosts your mood helping with depression and anxiety. Along with these benefits it helps you sleep better and gives you more energy.
 Kettle-bells 10lb Kettlebell // 15lb Kettlebell//20lb Kettlebell//25lb Kettlebell//35lb Kettlebell//45lb Kettlebell//55lb Kettlebell
Weighted Plates

Gym Check off list:

1. Dumbbells 5lb to 45lb
2. Plates 2.5lb to 45lb
3. Kettlebells 15lb ,25lb ,35lb 45lb
4. Stability Ball
5. Yoga Mats
6. Curl Barbell
7. Bench
8. Steps
9. Mirrors
10. Resistant bands
How to start a Home Gym
 Weights Storage Rack//Stability Ball //Purple Yoga Mat
Leave in the comments below about what is your favorite equipment to use at home!

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