The Power in Never Missing a Monday Workout!?

The Power in Never Missing a Monday WorkoutThe Power in Never Missing a Monday Workout!?

 Have you ever heard the phrase “Never miss a Monday workout!” ? It’s more than just a motivating quote. It can set the tone for the whole week and your more likely to workout again on Tuesday-Friday! I’m going to share with you all my weekly routine. Its important to workout a different every muscle group everyday so that you don’t overwork one area and become injured.

Example Weekly Workout Schedule

Monday: Arms
Tuesday: Back and Shoulders
Wednesday: abs and cardio
 Thursday: Booty, booty, booty
Friday: Leg day! yes you have to haha and dont forget your calves
Saturday : Cardio or Yoga
Sunday : Rest or Stretching Yoga

Top Reasons to Not Miss a Monday Workout

1. Your more likely to workout the whole week if you start Monday
2. Wearing yourself out leads to better sleeping patterns
3. Exercise lowers anxiety
4. Exercise lowers depression
5. Working out helps boost energy levels
 I love working out in just a sports bra but I would never go into a gym and do it which is another great reason to start your own gym in your house ! So you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. I find that it helps me stay motivated when I can either see muscle growing or I can tell if I’ve been slacking. I plan to start creating some workout videos to put out on Mondays!
The Power in Never Missing a Monday Workout

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