purO3 Activated Oxygen Skin Care Review

PurO3 Activated Oxygen Skin Care Reveiw

About purO3

PurO3 is a skin care company that thrives on selling activated oxygen products. Activated oxygen is denoted as O3 and has one extra atom then our formulae breathing oxygen which is denoted by O2. O3 is found in nature where the sun light rays kiss the upper earths atmosphere. With an extra oxygen atom, this element is useful for getting rid of objects such as pollutants and free radicals.

Their products help skin by healing: skin cuts, rashes, wrinkles, age spots, acne, swollen gums, rosacea, bug bites, stings, sunburns, itchy skin, bacteria, fungus, diaper rash, and other ailments by using fresh and organic ingredients! The selection of items purO3 offers is the following: Organic Ozonated Oils inculde: SamplesOlive OilCoconut OilHemp OilJojoba OilAvocado OilCastor OilSunflower OilSpecial FormulationsBug Bite ReliefTooth & Gum SupportPackages & Gifts : include Beauty SetJojoba Set, Rescue Set, Ultimate Set, Build Your Own, and finally they also offer Gift Certificates.

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PurO3 Oils

Initial Thoughts of purO3

My first thoughts on the product was the scent of the oils. The Oils smell almost like after it rains. I love it! It smells like a spa. However if it does bother you, their oils come in a few different scents! Their scents include vanilla, lavender, and unscented. They also have a flavors for their oral care line including peppermint, peppermint Stevia, cherry Stevia, or unflavored.

In package I received coconut, jojoba and olive all unscented in three large glass containers. Next I received twelve small testers in: jojoba in unscented vanilla, and lavender; coconut in unscented, vanilla, and lavender; avocado in unscented; olive in unscented and lavender; hemp in unscented; castor in unscented; and sunflower in unscented along with three tooth and gum samples.

PurO3 Oils


Their sample packaging includes 15 small glass jars that are each color coded depending on the fragrance of the product. They are capped off with a plastic twist top. The three larger jars are also glass and are topped off with an aluminum twist top. For the larger three jars they added a cooling bag for shipment and bubble wrap! I suggest putting the oils in refrigerator that has the cooling packets with them. I put mine in refrigerator and it feels so nice putting cooled oils on my sunburned skin!

purO3 Oils


There are currently 7 different oils that purO3 offers. Each offer their own healing property.

Organic coconut oIl emollient

This oil is amazing for moisturizing your skin to the max and for massages.

Organic hemp oiL gel

Hemp oil is useful to soothe minor skin irritations, clear blemishes on the skin and reduce the itching from bug bites.

Organic AVOCADO oil

This oil is good for helping inflammation with its anti-inflammatory property and helps to relieve pain with its analgesic (pain relieving) property.

Organic jojoba oil cream

This oil is good for sensitive skin and everyday use to keep skin looking radiant.

Organic Castor oil

This oil is great to use on infections since it has anti-fungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties! What more could you ask for in one oil?

Organic SunfloweR oil salve

This oil is good for cell regeneration and contains Vitamin E.

Organic Olive oil salve

This oil is not only used in cooking but, also on your skin! However, I still recommend buying the organic oil saturated with O3 instead of going to your kitchen! hehe


Tooth and Gum Support Product

PurO3 offers organic oral care! The organic hemp and olive oil are flavored as peppermint, peppermint stevia, unflavored, and cherry stevia as mentioned previously. I had no idea that using oils with oral care was a thing but I read in the purO3 brochure that the Ozone is being used for dental care more and more now a days. When was the last time you went to the dentist?!

Bug Bite Relief Products

This product is outstanding to be in an oil form! As all the other products produced by purO3, this product is oxygen activated. The ingredients include: olive, hemp, sunflower, avocado, rosemary, and clove oil.

Conclusion of purO3

The oils are not your average oils! These products come from oils ranging from gels, salve, creams, and emollients! The one con I found was with the packaging. It would be cool to see the small containers in a cute bag to put them in or holder. I highly suggest getting the samples! Getting the sample size is enough oil to use on your skin and figure out which ones you like the most!

I’m so grateful for when they arrived that I could use it to help my sunburn! I only use the best products on my skin, and I’ve been freaking out about peeling! I did not peel once by using their jojoba, coconut oil and olive oil. When you look at the picture you can tell by how red my skin currently is, I definitely should have, and normally would have peeled in the past. This picture is from Day Two of being sun burnt, so glad to be moisturizing my skin!:

PurO3 helps sunburn!

How to Purchase

PurO3 is available for purchase through the following affiliate link advertisement below. They offer 100% money-back guarantee if you do not fall in love once you’ve tried their products!

PurO3 Ozonated Oils

Leave in the comments below what oils are your favorites to use at home and what you use them for?!

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