Popular New Inexpensive Must Have Rose Slouchy Tunic

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Popular New Inexpensive Must Have Rose Slouchy Tunic

Rose Slouchy Tunic and Nordstroms Scarf

My Initial Thoughts

I absolutely love the two Slouchy Tunics that Mint Julep Boutique sent me in Rose and Taupe. They are super soft , great quality, and they are very versatile to style! You can also decide not to add anything to it and wear it to bed which I have been doing every weekend! I have been wearing them non stop when they are not in the washer or drier. I definitely recommend browsing their website!

Rose Slouchy Tunic

How to style a Rose Slouchy Tunic?

Slouchy Tunics are such a staple to your closet that it makes it super easy to style!

  1. Wear it with a blanket scarf.
  2. Style it with a hat and scarf.
  3. The Slouchy Tunic is great with low boots or high boots.
  4. Wear it with leggings, panty hose, or jeans.
  5. Tuck it in jeans and throw a blazer over it.
  6. Drape it with a cute poncho.
  7. Add a statement necklace for instant pop.
  8. Snuggle up in your Slouchy Tunic as PJs to wear to bed.

 Rose Slouchy Tunic

What is a Slouchy Dolman Tunic?

Slouchy Tunics come in 26 different colors including two gorgeous reds called “wine” and “red” , four different orange colors called “rust”, “orange” “coral” and “coral long” , a brilliant and bright yellow called “lemonade” , eight blue tones including “teal”, “indigo” , “serenity”, “cobalt”, “navy”, “aqua” “sea blue” and “sky blue” , three purple gorgeous hues named “plum”, “bodacious” and “violet”, seven cute pink variations labeled “rose”, “pink”, “fuchsia”, “gray-pink”, “gray-fuchsia”, “azalea”, and “cotton candy”  , three different styles of black called “grey-black”, “black”, and “black-warm taupe”,  two styles of brown named “taupe” and “warm taupe”, a lovely grey nicknamed “Heather Grey” , four white variations “winter white long”, “white black”, “winter white”, and “white” , and five green colors (very fitting for their company name) called “lush meadow”, “olive”, “olive long”, “mint grey”, and “mint”. The length from shoulder to hem: 31″
Their sizes are as follows: Small- 0-4; Medium- 6-8; Large-10; Extra Large- 12-14.

Slouchy Tunic Jcrew Beanie Faux Fur Pom-Pom and Nordstroms Scarf

Shop the look!

Rose Slouchy Tunic  // Rubbed-hat with Faux Fur Pom-Pom // Stitched Grid Scarf

Rose Slouchy Tunic

Leave in the comments below how you would style this Rose Slouchy Tunic!

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