Spotlight! Why you need 3 foundations and the Perfect Primer

Why you need 3 Foundations and the Perfect Primer

My three current favorite foundations are Chanel Vitalumere Aqua, Dior Star and Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation in which each serve their own purpose of level of coverage.

Light Coverage Foundations

I love wearing light coverage foundation when my skin is clear of blemishes yet want a even color while still being able to show off my freckles and get some sun tan on your face. My favorite time to wear light foundation is in the summer!

Medium Coverage Foundations

Medium coverage foundations are great for when you have maybe one or two blemishes on your face and you want to cover them.

Full Coverage Foundations

I still have breakouts once a month so when that happens I like to use a full coverage foundation that completely covers my freckles and any blemishes that I may have. I also like to wear full coverage foundation for special occasions.

But wait, before foundation you need makeup base Chanel LE Blanc Chanel Illuminating Base!
Chanel LE Blanc Chanel Illuminating Base

Chanel LE Blanc Chanel Illuminating Base

Why I love this Primer?

If you have redness on your face that you’d like to get rid of before applying foundation this is for you! Primer also helps your makeup last longer throughout the day and even into night time. This makeup is so amazing that you can go without foundation, basically this Chanel illuminating base primer is MAGIC. If I could only choose one product of makeup to wear this would be it! (Of course I’d have to sneak some mascara hehe)

How do I apply this Primer?

I apply by either putting a little dab on my index finger and rubbing it in my face or by using a foundation brush. Make sure to wash your brushes after every use, and at least once a week! Especially when switching products back and forth.

Where to get this Primer?

It’s priced at $48 in a 1 oz container which I think is a great deal since I’ve heard people say that this is all the makeup that they wear. It’s lasted me a really long time too because it’s very thin liquid. You can pick some up here!
Chanel Vitalumere Aqua

Chanel Vitalumere Aqua (Light coverage)

Why I love this Foundation?

 I love that Chanel Vitalumere Aqua is very light making it perfect for the winter months when your skin loses its tan a little bit. You won’t ever have to worry about having a line between your face and neck because this product blends in perfectly. It allows my freckles to show through which is nice but you can also layer it on problem areas such as pimples if you need to hide them (scroll down for a better solution for pimples; Tarte Amazonian Clay). My number one favorite thing about this is that it smells flowery! Second favorite thing about it is that you can’t tell your wearing it at all!!! It soaks into your skin!

How do I apply this Foundation?

The first step I always take with this since it is a light liquid is to shake the container!! This is a must because if you don’t then it seems to separate when you don’t use it. I apply it directly to my forehead, cheeks, and chin. Then using vertical strokes down with a foundation brush I blend it in around my chin moving up to my forehead. I would also suggest just using your fingers and hands to rub this foundation in !

Where to get this Foundation?

You can buy Chanel Vitalumere Aqua in a 1.0 oz container for $48 from Bloomingdales.
Dior Star Foundation

Dior Star (Medium coverage)

Why I love this Foundation?

 Dior is really great for a medium coverage. It blends in so that you can barley tell it’s there while giving you a flawless unison skin toned face with built in SPF! I always get makeup with SPF because it is so important to protect your face from sun damage that causes spots and wrinkles. My favorite feature of this foundation is the texture of the product. It is thick and silky to the touch when applied on your face as if you are rubbing in face lotion.

How do I apply this Foundation?

I apply this product directly to my face by pressing some to my forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Then I take a foundation brush and blend it in using long vertical down strokes. Make sure to blend to your hair line and down your jawline and neck. I would also suggest just using your fingers and hands to rub this foundation in !

Where to get this Foundation?

Dior Star comes in a 1.0 oz sleek glass container for $50 here.
Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation (Heavy coverage)

Why do I love this Foundation?

Tarte Amazonian Clay is amazing for full coverage. It has a moose like texture to it and it works its magic to make breakouts vanish! This product has SPF 15 sunscreen which I think is always a great idea to have in your makeup. I’ve used it to cover up other areas of skin also if I’ve had a bruise or breakout somewhere else on my skin that I needed to cover.

How I apply this Foundation?

I apply it directly to my face from the bottle putting a dab of it on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Then taking a foundation brush I blend it in with small downward strokes making sure to blend it into my hair line and pull it down into my neck to not leave a line.

Where to get this Foundation?

It comes in a ton of shades making it easy to find one that matches your skin tone! I have the fair-light honey. It comes in a 1.7oz container for $39 that you can get from here. I don’t use it everyday just around times I need absolute coverage so this lasts me about a year!
Leave in the comments below some of your favorite foundations and why!

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