How Sunday Prep for Monday is valuable to your Career

How Sunday Prep is valuable to your Career

How Sunday Prep for Monday is valuable to your Career

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There are a lot of small habits you can start doing on Sunday to prepare for work on Monday and make yourself look more professional and save you time during the week.

Pick out Your Work Outfit the Night Before

If your not a morning person like me, then it helps to plan out what your going to wear the next day. The saying “Dress for the job you want” and “Dress to impress” are note worthy advice to remember. It’s important to plan in order to succeed with anything that you do, but especially when it comes to dressing for your job. If you look professional at work not only will people notice you, but they will take you more seriously. You also never know who you are going to meet during your lunch break too whether it is the CEO, a potential new hiring company, or future husband.

Have a Binder Ready to Take Notes

I’m always impressed when people have a professional binder to take notes, keep business cards, or resumes. I bought my leather Resume/Note carrier at my college JMU’s bookstore. I highly recommend purchasing one and bringing it to interviews and to work for conference meetings, you will really impress your interviewer or boss.

Gathering your Work Equipment

Its a great idea also helps you get together important things such as where your keys are and a huge one for me, my badge to get into the office! Forgetting that causes a hassle for the whole day to get in and out of the building.

Meal Prep on Sunday

Meal Prepping on Sunday is a great way to save yourself time and energy throughout the week. Having a good diet allows you to concentrate on the things that matter instead of being hungry. Eating healthy can help you feel better and perform better at your job when your brain has the necessary nutrients. Meal Prepping will also save money and is kind to your waist line.

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