The Beauty of Planks : Powerful Results with Little Space Needed


 The Beauty of Planks : Powerful Results with Little Space Needed

Today I wanna talk about planks and why they are so wonderful!
Let’s start off with naming 25 different kinds of planks, benefits, and tips! There are a ton! My suggestion in ramping up your fitness game is to use the following plank techniques with a 30 day challenge that increases the time per day (most of the 30 day challenges I have seen increase by 5 seconds per day). You could mix up the different techniques or chose one exercise per month to complete!

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Planks are the best exercise to strengthen your core.

Types of Planks

1. Full (standard) plank
2. Side plank
3. Reverse plank
4. Plank with stability ball
5. Rotation plank
6. Elbow plank
7. Raised leg plank
8. Side plank with toe touch
9. Side to side plank
10. Plank to downward dog
11. Reverse plank with leg raise
12. Plank to pike
13. Side plank with hip dip
14. Rocking plank
15. Knee plank
16. Plank with shoulder touches
17. Single arm plank
18. Single leg plank
19. Side plank crunches
20. Plank jacks
21. Side plank with oblique twists
22. Plank with oblique knee tuck
23. Scorpion plank
24. Bird dog plank
25. Plank climbers


1. Stronger core
2. Reduced back pain
3. Increase flexibility
4. Increase metabolism and burn fat
5. Better posture

Tips for Form

1. Keep your body in a straight line
2. Advoiding sagging or hiking your hips
3. Breathe!!
4. Look a few inches in front of you
5. Rest weight on toes and forearms
 Let me know what some of your favorite planks are in the comments below!


1 thought on “The Beauty of Planks : Powerful Results with Little Space Needed”

  • I actually don't think I have ever done a reverse plank! The plank I do all of time that I love because it kicks my butt and i am not sure what it's called…. but basically you plank normally and then lower your elbows to the ground, then come back up and plank normally and repeat that. Lately I can only do about 15, maybe 20 at most without dying. Lol but it works your entire body and you can feel it.

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